ADI Pavement LLC of Chattanooga – A Concrete and Asphalt Paving and Management Services Company. Everything from residential Driveways to Commercial or Industrial Parking lots and Road Construction.ADI Pavement has evolved into a full service, turn key, pavement solutions provider for clients of all sizes.  We offer maintenance and management agreements that encompass everything from crack treatment and seal coating to asphalt overlays.



Design IT Services (Chattanooga, TN) Affordable Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Website Design. Professional Design Services and Marketing at very affordable prices. Take your logo and website to the next level with Design IT Services.



Castleberrys Carpentry of Chattanooga, TNPersonal Carpentry Services, Attention to Detail and Artisan Craftsmanship,

Bodyline Studio Chattanooga, TN Bodyline is a group of highly-trained health professionals. We are committed to a holistic method of training that will not only enhance your physical abilities, but also create a balance among mental and spiritual dimensions of wellness.

DP-Tuner DP-Tuner continues to be regarded as one of the top Ford diesel truck tuning companies in the world. They ship worldwide and will travel to your location by request for the ultimate tuning experience. DP-Tuner branded computer chip modules for the Ford 7.3L diesel and 4.6L gas engines are manufactured for DP-Tuner by Moatesware, LLC. DP-Tuner specializes in computer and transmission tuning for the Ford 7.3L Diesel, 6.0L Diesel, 6.4L Diesel, 4.6L Gas, and 6.6L Duramax. Other tuning options are available for the Internationals from 1994-1997. (Folks I can pledge easily from first hand experience. These individuals are hands down scary intelligent.  I run two diesels, one being the F-350/6.0 and the other F-250/7.3.  Now, after turning the keys over, I have more power under the hood, far greater shifting, and oh so much better fuel economy than stock.  I love my work trucks so much now that I prefer to have lunch in them now! Michael T. Castle, December 2011)

La Altena Authentic Mexican Restaurant Located at Northgate Mall, the quality of meats and poultry, along with a large variety menu will have you going back for what makes a great authentic lunch and/or evening out with plenty of parking access. Providing weekend venues such as Karaoke, Pay Per View events, even live music is just another reason to stop by.  (This is by far the best Mexican eatery that I have “consistently” visited.  I can park my truck and trailers out front without the worry of blocking parking spaces and easily turn any direction to exit.  I will continue to dine out at this awesome establishment.  Michael)